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247 Mahjong Solitaire

247 Mahjong is your number one resource for all the best mahjong solitaire games. Play classic mahjong solitaire or venture out into the beautiful world of Valentine's Day Mahjong Solitaire which features themed mahjong solitaire tiles and tile boards.

Mahjong Solitaire's basics are easy and fun, but the various mahjong solitaire boards will keep your mind constantly wondering where your next matching mahjong tile is.

Complete mahjong solitaire tile matches by clicking on the open matching mahjong tiles, two at a time. An open tile is a mahjong solitaire tile which has no tile on top of it, and has atleast one completely open long side to the mahjong tile. Match all the mahjong solitaire tiles, and you've achieved victory!

Mahjong Solitaire is fun for all ages! Play to keep your mind sharp, or just to pass the time at work. Share us on facebook to receive unlimited hints!

  • mahjong solitaire for free
  • valentine's day mahjong solitaire is pretty
  • no download here! play straight from your browser
  • victory is achieved by clearing all matching tiles from the mahjong solitaire board

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